About Shauna

about-shauna-smallerMy name is Shauna and my love for photography started in grade school. I loved capturing a moment I would never get back. It amazed me that I could capture that split second and have it recorded forever. Life took over (school, boys, sports….) and photography took a back seat.

After becoming a teacher, getting married, and having children of my own, my love for photography blossomed once again. I love being able to capture my family in everyday life adventures. Knowing that these moments are being saved makes my heart happy.

When I am NOT capturing your moments, you will most likely see me:

~ On an athletic field watching or capturing my children play their sport.

~ Eating junior mints (Yes, I have a sweet tooth)

~ At the gym, or running around the neighborhood.

~ Walking my white, fluffy dog, Marley.

When I AM capturing your moments, you might see me:

~ On the ground, in the weeds, or on top of wobbly rocks. Whatever it takes to get, “The Shot”!

~ jumping up and down, making funny faces, or saying silly things.
(This really is for your child/animal but if it works for you than I am okay with it.)

~ saying, “Okay, one more!” but taking ten more. When I am having fun, it is hard to stop!

I love my job! I love capturing the toothless grins, the sudden glances, and the unexpected expressions. I love capturing your MOMENTS!

Photo credit: Sonja Rio Photography